Heatwave York for SickKids Indoor Soccer and Court Volleyball 2018
Don’t Miss the Action this September...
September is Childhood Cancer Month


Men's FUN Indoor Soccer 5 vs 5

Fun Coed 6's Indoor Soccer 5 vs 5

Coed 6's Court Volleyball

Saturday September 22 - 6th Anniversary

York’s Indoor Soccer and Court Volleyball Event for Childhood Cancer Research at SickKids
Location: Vaughan sportsplex II, 8301 Keele Street, Concord


3 Step Registration - Team Entry & Payment Deadline is Wednesday September 12, 2018

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    Men's FUN Indoor Soccer 5 vs 5. 5 players and 1 goalie. Recommended roster 6 to 12. Scheduled games and no playoffs

    Recreational Fun Coed 6's Indoor Soccer 5 vs 5. No Playoffs completely just for fun. 5 players and 1 goalie. Minimum 2 females on field during play. Recommended roster 6 to 12. Female playing goalie does not count toward the minimum 2 females on field. Scheduled games and no playoffs. Intermediate and Novice Divisions.

    Court Vollebyball. Coed 6’s roster 6 to 10. Minimum 2 females on court. First of 15 min game or 25 rally points. FUN Division will have no Playoffs. Recreational and Competitive Divisions will have playoffs.

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