$100 Million Donation

Peter Gilgan and Family

$100 Million Donation

CP24's Jee-Yun Lee

Interviews Ted Garrard,

CEO SickKids Foundation

Peter Gilgan Ted Garrad CP24 Interview

CTV News, Nick Dixon at

Heatwave for SickKids 2019

25 Anniversary Event

Ashbridge's Bay and Woodbine Beach


 CTV News Nick Dixon

CP24's Brandon Gonez at

Icewave for SickKids 2019

Interviews Matt Team Captian

for Modern Niagara Team


 CP24 Icewave 2019

Heatwave for SickKids

25 Year

Recognition Video


 Heatwave for SickKids 25 Year Recognition

Thanks, Heatwave
Toronto Life Magazine
February 2019

Heatwave for SickKids Toronto Life Magazine Recognition large