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  • Q: What is the minimum donation to receive a charitable tax receipt?
  • A:  For a cash or cheque donation a donation of $20 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt. Please complete a pledge form with donors name and address. For an on line donation a donation of $10 or more will be emailed a charitable tax receipt.

  • Q: Can I receive a tax receipt for the team entry fee?
  • A: Yes a receipt for tax purposes for registered businesses can be provided upon request.

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  • Q: Approximately when does the day start and end for the one-day events?
  • A: The regular scheduled games will typically start at 9am and end around 2:30pm. Top teams will advance to a single elimination playoff. The playoffs should be over by 5pm.  On the Monday prior to your event date the team captain will be emailed a game schedule with your team’s exact games times.

  • Q: Our team consists of family and friends. Is that okay?
  • A: Everyone is welcome to play for SickKids. A team of family and friends is welcome. Approximately 95% of the teams are corporate.

  • Q: I see in the recreational division spiking is not allowed. Can I still hit with one hand?
  • A: Yes you can still hit with one hand. In Recreational, ball must arc upwards from an attack hit.  An attack hit being the hit that makes the ball go over the net to the other team.

  • Q: After the regular scheduled games what happens? Are there playoffs?
  • A: Top teams will advance to a single elimination playoff. Team seeding will be determined by number of games won (primary basis) and game score difference +/- points (secondary basis)

  • Q: What should I wear?
  • A: Most players are in shorts and a t-shirt. In the beach events players are bare foot. Please bring a pair of socks to wear when the sun heats the sand up. Wear your corporate t-shirts for mobile signage for your company the day of. Some teams will have t-shirts made up.

  • Q: What happens if it rains?
  • A: The event is rain or shine. Please show up ready to play.

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